The History of Solar Power

The use of the sun to create energy, whether in the form of heat or electricity, is not new. Solar energy has been in use for many centuries. The following is a brief overview of the history of solar power.

The Benefits of Using Renewable Energy

Work is a force applied over a distance. Let us further define energy as a shifting back and forth, but never truly changing one thing: it’s constancy.

Light up the Night with Solar Lights

But at night, these wonderful accents can’t be seen by people going by and your home blends into the neighborhood. That is, of course, unless you have an extensive network of floodlights and that could get expensive. It could also give the neighbors a big headache and keep them awake all night.

The Impact of Climate Change

The planet was once protected with ancient forests; it has been a shelter to almost 50% of all the animals and plants confined in lands. Also, the worldwide population depends on them for survival.

Debate Over Root Causes Of Terrorism

Bruce Hoffman, in his book Inside Terrorism, devoted an entire chapter just to the definition of the word TERRORISM. In an attempt to formulate a workable definition he consulted everything. Part of the difficulty in defining the word, Hoffman pointed out is its inconsistent application, and opposing views.

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